Art is more than what I do, it is a part of who I am. For nearly twenty-five years I have been creating in the mediums of acrylic painting and photography. Over the last several years I have begun infusing the concepts of photography into more of my paintings.

  I start by refining a  composition  inspired by one of my photos. I use a rough black and white underpainting as a starting point and refine it as I go along. When I approach the painting I try to express the emotions I felt as well as the atmospheric qualities of the scene. I want to capture the landscape without duplicating every detail. I like  my work to be a mix of memory and a dream, it seems familiar but you can't tell exactly where it is. I want the viewer to be able to look at my work and  incorporate their own ideas about where my images are from.

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Shannon was born and raised in the Cincinnati area. His background is in commercial art and design, having graduated with a degree in commercial art and advertising from The Antonelli College of Art.

 His Style of painting is mostly self-taught as a result of taking numerous workshops with other local artists as well as mimicking the techniques of the masters to learn the fundamentals of painting. He worked in computer design for fourteen years before becoming a full time artist.

Shannon Has participated in many prestigious art shows and competitions over the last ten years as well as gained collectors from all over the United States and internationally. He currently has collectors from Canada, Europe, Isreal, South America, and New Zealand. Locally he has work in many private collections as well as First Financial, Great American Insurance and Hotel Covington.